Task Centre Kit for Aboriginal Students

The Task Centre Kit for Aboriginal Students was created over several years by teachers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. Teachers from bush schools in the Northern Territory and urban schools in Queensland were involved in the original development. The kit was successfully used with Indigenous students in places as widespread as urban and rural Tasmania, urban and outback South Australia, remote Western Australia, inner city Sydney and parts of the United States of America. The link at the bottom of this page will lead you to this history and stories from many of these teachers.

The fifty tasks listed are no longer available as the Task Centre Kit for Aboriginal Students, so links have been created to the equivalent mainstream tasks. Numbers in brackets are the corresponding task in the mainstream kit.

  • Catch The Lizards has since been deleted from the mainstream kit.
  • Triangles Galore is titled Equilateral Triangles in the mainstream kit.
  • Aboriginal Cube is titled Pattern Cube in the mainstream kit.

More Support

  • Each task is linked to its Task Cameo. A Task Cameo offers brief notes about the depth, or iceberg, of the task.
  • Tasks marked with * have a corresponding whole class investigation on Maths300.
  • If a task is marked with ** its Maths300 lesson is enhanced with an additional software component.
  • Note: Maths300 access requires membership.
We suggest that these 49 tasks, with the listed support and the 'teachers' manual' provided by the stories in the Indigenous Students link below, provide an excellent core resource for working with Indigenous Students.

Green Line


  • Thirty-one is called Game of 31 on Maths300.
  • Maths300 offers public access to lesson plans and software for the task Crazy Animals.

Indigenous Students