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Poly Plug Game Pack

Poly Plug Game Pack is a pack of 16 strategy games in four families. It is provided as a reproducible Resource Book. The book can be delivered as a printed version (see photo) or delivered electronically as PDF for you to print. Purchasing a print version will attract postage and handling costs.
  • Poly Plug is a set of 2 boards each with 5 rows of 5 removable plugs.
  • One board is a sandwich of blue and yellow and the other board is red.
  • The yellow/blue board is double the thickness of the red board.
  • Each board is 17.5 cm square.
  • Each Poly Plug set is supplied with a tough press-seal plastic bag.
  • The Resource Book is copyright free, so each school only needs one. It contains:
    • 16 reproducible strategy games
    • teachers' notes and What if ...? questions
    • blank pages for students to design their own games

Poly Plug Materials

  • Review: Poly Plug Game Pack (PDF)

  • Big Toe Os & Xs is an example from Poly Plug Game Pack. Read Teaching Notes for this game.
    (These notes are not in the book. They were written for a different purpose but give an idea of the type of reasoning involved in the pack.)

  • Prices & Ordering and more activities.
To make use of this book either printed or as PDF you will need at least one Poly Plug set.
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