The Games Suite: West Ulverstone

Years 3 - 8

Jan Mansfield, West Ulverstone Primary School, Tasmania

When Jan Mansfield was involved in a professional development program called Changing Places she was teaching a Composite Year 3 & 4 class. The program resourced the school with sets of Poly Plug (among other things) to support a shift to a more inclusive, hands-on, problem solving approach to mathematics. Jan's children designed the Poly Plug games in this link, wrote out the rules and published them as web pages which were then given to us to share. So, this link is entirely based on their work - even their colour schemes have been retained!


We made up our own games with Poly Plug.
We hope you like them. They might give you ideas for your own inventions.
Click on a picture to see the rules of the game.

Battle Discs Poly Plug Pictures

Beware of the Empties Trap The Mouse

Take Them Out and Put Them In Poly Plug Take Game

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